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 As a military veteran-owned business we have a passion to serve those who serve us in uniform, veterans and military family members. At Easy Insurance Group every day is military and veteran appreciation day. On this page you will find exceptional career opportunities, fantastic insurance and financial services products, and many other resources that you need. See further below to learn how we are remunerated by the companies we recommend on our site and during our personal consultations and how this allows us to provide our exceptional customer service FREE for you. We will be honored for you to review all that we have to offer our military veterans on this site. Here are a few of the resources that you will find on this page:

  • FREE Financial Needs Analysis and Financial Consultation
  • FREE Life Insurance Quotes and Agent Assistance
  • FREE Health Insurance Quotes and Agent Assistance
  • FREE Property Quotes and Agent Assistance
  • The Smart Way to Get Out of Debt
  • Career Opportunities:  Part-time and Full-time "Virtual" Career Opportunities for Guard, Reserve, Active Duty personnel, Veterans and Military Family Members
  • The Ultimate Military Transition Portal - "1 Million Jobs"
  • Much More

 FREE Financial Needs Analysis

Our expert financial consultants are proud and excited to help you maximize your financial situation. Take advantage of this outstanding offer NOW! Watch this video and then continue below.

Ref: Ed Slott: "Retirement Rescue"   

 Tax FREE Principal-Protected Plan

As explained in the video above the risky securities marketplace doesn't work for most investors. Unfortunately, the majority of workers don't realize their plans are failing them until after 20, 30 or more years of gambling with large amounts of their money in the markets. We are on a mission to reverse this for everyone. So, we sought out and found new wealth building products that mitigate these risks. Now, we make the best of these plans and strategies available to you. We selected the top companies that have created the most innovative, government approved, financial protection and wealth creation products.

Guaranteed Principal Protected and Tax Free Investment Solutions -

Your FREE Benefits

You will receive a FREE 18-Page Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) and professional review, FREE "Personal Shopper" service to find the best plan for you among the top companies, FREE application assistance and much more. Since our comprehensive services are FREE for you there is EVERY reason for you to say "YES" and then complete the form below to begin your cutting edge insurance and financial security journey NOW! The information you provide below will be kept private and is only needed to properly serve you.

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All Types of Insurance 

Military - Veterans - Family Members

We are proud to provide our military veterans FREE quotes and nationwide assistance with all types of personal and business insurance. We invite you to check out the tabs above and to the left to shop for the best values for your life, vehicle, business, pet, Medicare and all other types of insurance and risk management services from the convenience of our site. For your convenience we provide a few quick access buttons below to our very popular services. - We Make Buying All Types of Insurance Easy - Life, Health, Auto, Home, Renters, Pet, Business, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements More

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Health Insurance

FREE Purchasing Assistance

FREE Health Insurance Quotes and FREE Purchasing Assistance -

If you are eligible to use TRICARE then maximize the use of this fantastic benefit; but if you are not, we will help you for free to find the right health insurance plan for your needs. Call our Toll FREE number 855-207-6290 to get free health insurance quotes and enrollment assistance. Our agents can help you shop for and purchase the following right over the phone:
➤Major Medical and All Types of Health Insurance
➤College Health and Dental Insurance
➤Short Term Health Insurance
➤Dental and Vision Insurance
➤Critical Illness Insurance
➤Accident Insurance

Call our Health Insurance Sales Division
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Please note that everyone covered by TRICARE and TRICARE Retiree health insurance meets the minimum essential requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) laws.

Add a Low Cost Health Benefit Package
Get the Top 5 Benefits Everyone Wants 

No matter what health insurance plan that you have you're sure to love the whole household healthcare benefit package that everyone is excited about. Why? Because it provides so much for only $19.95 monthly, and this covers your entire immediate family that lives in your household. If you are an employer or organization of any kind this plan makes a fantastic addition to your employee or group benefit package. Click below to get the complete details.

Discount Whole Household Healthcare Benefits
Discount Whole Household Healthcare Benefits

FREE Life Insurance Quotes and Agent Assistance Toll FREE 877-674-2873

VGLI Alternatives

Supplement SGLI/FSGLI With Civilian Insurance

Toll FREE Life Insurance Helpline


SGLI and FSGLI is a good value but it is tied to your military career. Depending on your family situation it may be very important to supplement these military insurance plans with long term life insurance while you are healthy. Only the few premier insurance companies in the USA offer ultra-modern life insurance plans that have "Living Benefits" in 10, 20 and 30 Year Level Term Life Insurance plans. See the video below to see why Living Benefits are so important for all households. Again, depending on your current situation it may be the case that you should supplement your military life insurance benefits with modern plans. This way your coverage may be able to continue when you separate from the military.

VGLI Alternatives

Once you transition to civilian life you may have the option to purchase Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI), but it can be extremely expensive compared to the civilian marketplace; and, VGLI has steep premium price increases every 5 years. This may be the only option for veterans with preexisting conditions like recent cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. However, for those without preexisting health conditions commercial insurance companies may be able to provide up to 30 year level term or permanent plans for comparable rates and many times at far better rates than VGLI. Doesn't it make sense to let life insurance professionals shop among the top carriers for the right plan that will meet your current needs? When you do, tell the professional agent that assists you that you want "Living Benefits" in your plan.

Call theToll FREE Nationwide Life Insurance Marketplace

Life Insurance with Living Benefits

Other Featured Offers

As a military member you and your family are constantly on the move with a typical PCS occurring approximately every 3 years. Whether you rent or own a home get the peace of mind that comes with having a fantastic insurance plan to cover your home and it's contents.

FREE Auto Insurance Quote - FREE Car Insurance Quote - FREE Truck Insurance Quote

Reversing Negative Financial Trends

We are on a mission to reverse the negative financial trends that the majority of our fellow citizens experience. Most households live under the burden of high debt coupled with inadequate income, investments, insurance and retirement savings. The results are stressed out households and a lack of a sense of financial security. Millions go into bankruptcy every year and tens of millions are continually digging out from previous bankruptcies. Our society is screaming out for education on developing proper personal financial strategies and solutions to the many financial problems facing everyone. We are devoted to meeting these demands and working with everyone that comes to our site to help solve these issues. Let's look at a few personal finance strategies that require work and dedication to implement but can be achievable by all.

An End to Credit Card Debt

Credit cards can be a destructive force if not used properly. If you have credit card debt, stop using your cards and work to pay off all of your debt. It may take months or even years but it can be accomplished by eliminating all wasteful spending, cutting out all unnecessary expenditures and earning extra money that can be applied to pay off debt balances. The effort is well worth the freedom you will achieve by becoming debt free. There are many FREE resources available at your local library to learn how to do this. 

Consolidate Your Debt - Get Out of Debt - Pay Off Your Debt - Debt Consolidation Loans

Smart Use of Credit Cards

Once you have no credit card debt, the smart way to use credit cards is to pay off your FULL balance every month automatically via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your checking account, but use a credit card for convenience, accountability of expenditures and still receive the "rewards" in the form of cash back that certain credit cards offer. This will keep you free from credit card debt and help you to build excellent credit scores while putting cash in your pocket. How does this work? Let's see...

Emergency Savings

First, open an interest bearing checking or savings account and build up your savings amount that is equal to 7 times your monthly expenses. This is known as your emergency savings. The base 6 months of savings are not intended to be touched, but instead kept for emergencies like short term loss of income or unexpected medical issues. The the 7th month of savings will become your rotating account where you set up the automatic direct deposit of all income from your career, part time work, independent consulting, personal businesses and other types of income and where you also set up EFT auto-draft to pay off all of your bills fully and automatically every month.

Intentional Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is an intentional act. Simply tell yourself that you will become disciplined and only spend what you can afford to pay off that month and still save and invest a minimum of 10%-15% of your income. Before you finance large purchases like a car or home ensure that you can afford the monthly payments along with all of your other monthly expenses, savings and investments within your current monthly income level.

The EIG Debt Relief Portal - Debt Consolidation - Professional Debt Relief Assistance -

Save Money On Your Daily Purchases

Buy quality "used cars" and save thousands over new car purchases. Eliminate all wasteful and unnecessary spending and save money on all "needed" purchases whenever possible. Always ask for military discounts, use coupons and shop for bargains. Learn about and use all of your available military and veterans benefits to maximize cost savings. Come back to this site constantly to get the best values on your insurance, financial services, and other consumer values. You will begin spending more productive time on financial education and implementing ways to improve your finances and less time on things that detract you from accomplishing your objectives. Set your goals on becoming debt free and on wealth creation and you CAN become debt free and wealthy, but it will only happen with a systematic plan and dedication to stick to it.

Maximize Cash Back Rewards

It only makes sense to maximize your cash back earnings by using your cash back credit card at an online shopping mall filled with over 2,000 of your favorite stores that also provides cash back for every purchase. When you shop online you typically have access to a larger variety of items from the central distribution centers of your favorite stores than what is available at your local store. You can use this cash back mall to purchase all of your daily needs online and most stores offer free in-store pickup of your ordered items. For stores that offer military discounts show your military ID at the Customer Service Desk when picking up your items to receive the additional discount.

Advanced Shopping

The benefits of this advanced strategy is that you save time and enjoy the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home and all of your items are ready for you at the Customer Service area of your local store for quick pickup. You receive cash back on all of your purchases from this fantastic online mall even though you are picking up your items locally whenever available; you also receive cash back from your rewards credit card; you may also be able to receive a military discount wherever offered; so, the bottom line is that you can receive cash back benefits, coupons and discounts offered through your discount shopping portal and possibly military discounts where available. You can redirect your cash back benefits to improving your savings and investments. Click below to receive your Free Cash Back Shopping Portal account.

Cash Back Discounts and Coupons at Your Favorite Stores - Save Money
Cash Back Shopping Portal - Discounts - Coupons - Cash Back

Automated Bill Payment

Use your cash back credit card for all purchases and reoccurring payments whenever allowed. Don't use credit cards in situations where you are charged extra for doing so. In these instances use auto-draft directly from your checking account to automatically pay those respective bills. Coordinate the automatic full payment of all of your bills monthly via EFT from your checking account with your bank and the companies you do business with to include your credit card company. Yes, you read that right. Automate the payment of your FULL credit card balance monthly via EFT from your checking account. Of course this means you can only buy what you need and can afford to pay off that month. 

 Get Paid When You Pay Your Bills

This one-time set-up with each entity allows for fully automated bill payment every month. Each company will have different but similar ways to set this up. Some will allow you to set it up online while others like your utilities may require completing a paper form and mailing it back or bringing it to your local office. It is possible to use this rewards credit card strategy and never pay credit card interest ever, but receive hundreds and even thousands of dollars in cash back throughout your lifetime. We've done it, we've perfected it, we teach it and it works.  

Automating Your Finances
The Benefits of...
The Smart Personal Finances Strategy

The benefits of this smart personal finances strategy are many. With it your savings, investments and bill payments are automated and you essentially get paid to use your credit card due to the cash back rewards, but you never pay interest. As a service member you have the potential to deploy with short notice, but with your new smart personal finances plan in place, you can rest assured that all of your financial transactions will be taken care of automatically without you ever writing a single check or doing any online banking. 

Improved Credit Scores

This strategy will also ensure all of your bills are always paid-in-full and on-time which may help you to build top credit scores with the credit bureaus. Your credit rating is important for many reasons. One major reason is that top credit ratings can help you to get lower interest rate loans when you need to finance larger purchases like a house, thus potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the life of various loans.

The Federal Trade Commission Says
Get Your Truly Free Credit Report

Free Financial Consultation

When you combine this strategy of getting control of and automating your finances with the FREE Financial Needs Analysis consulting that we offer above you will learn how to develop a cutting edge financial security plan that will provide a multi-point financial protection package that can help you build tax-free wealth without the worries of losing principal - EVER. The bottom line is that with this smart personal finances strategy you can have peace of mind with a strategic debt elimination and wealth creation automated system.

Investment Considerations

Investment professionals would never invest in anything unless they knew what they were doing. They go through extensive education and training before making any investment decisions. Doesn't it make sense to follow the example of the professionals and learn what you are doing before investing in the markets if you choose to do so at all?  Remember even the professionals lost trillions of dollars for investors just in the past few recent market downturns and crashes alone. If you have not scheduled your FREE Financial Needs Analysis above and would like to place your money into financial vehicles that guarantee no loss of principal, the potential for high indexed-based returns and provide multiple tax-free benefits either scroll up to schedule your consultation or click here:

Free Financial Needs Analysis -

Careers for 

Transitioning Military Veterans

 Careers for  Transitioning Military Veterans -

We value your vast amount of training, management skills, ability to learn systems and also your leadership capabilities. You've led and trained hundreds and possibly thousands of military personnel and civilians. You deserve a personally and professionally rewarding career and the ability to excel to the highest levels. Click below to discover the details about the exciting career opportunities that we offer. During the interview process you will learn advanced financial strategies for free that you can implement immediately, so you will definitely benefit from this life-changing experience. - Exciting Career Opportunities
To Check Out Our Career Opportunities

The Ultimate Career Search Portal

Military Transition Jobs - Careers - Tips - Resources - More

1 Million Jobs Represented
Maximize LinkedIn and Your Resume
The Ultimate Listing of Transition Resources

The Ultimate Transitioning Military Veteran Career Search Portal -

How Can Our Services Be Free?
The Best Business Practice Remuneration Model 

You may be asking yourself how we can provide our professional client services and and the extremely valuable content on our site FREE of charge to you. As is the universal practice, the companies that we recommend on our site and during our insurance and financial security planning consultations remunerate us for assisting our valued clients to learn about and apply for each respective company's exceptional products and services. We are independent so we can shop for the best plans among the top companies for your needs. The prices are the same when you acquire their products and services from the convenience of the links our site or during our personal consultations with you; consequently, this superior "consumer-centered" arrangement allows us to provide our professional client services and the valuable information on our site FREE of charge to you. It's that EASY. - Largest Automated Investing Service - Low Cost - Investments and Retirement Portfolio Solutions
Low Cost Automated Investing Service

  Investment and Financial Education

We have a fervent desire to provide best-in-class service to everyone that visits our site. Our valued clients express that there is an extreme lack of financial risk management instruction via traditional education institutions and they want more knowledge on this important subject. Our clients also express dissatisfaction with the services provided by many of the providers in the insurance and financial services marketplace; on the other hand, our clients appreciate that we reverse this trend by providing the cutting edge insurance and financial security information, free "personal insurance shopper" service and professional enrollment assistance that is so highly demanded in our society today. Connect with us on our social network accounts listed to the right so the valuable information that we share can be right at your fingertips.  

"I will stand up for what I believe and for what I have always believed: Every person has a right to be rich in this country and I want to help them get there."
Jim Cramer

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"Rule #1: Never lose money. 
Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1."
Warren Buffett

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