Military Transition Portal

Military Transition Portal

This page features a listing of important resources for transitioning
Military Transition Portal -
military veterans. Easy Insurance Group, LLC is a veteran-owned financial services firm and we have a fervent desire to help Active, Guard and Reserve service members, veterans and military family members to find rewarding careers in the civilian sector. This page was made by vets for vets.


  • Your Exceptional Military Career
  • Maximize Use of Military Transition Centers
  • Important Tips to "Civilianize" Your Military Record
  • Important LinkedIn Profile Strategies
  • FREE 1 Year LinkedIn Premium Job Seeker Subscription
  • FREE Cardone University Membership for Veterans
  • Virtual Financial Services Careers
  • MUST SEE VIDEO: Transitioning Military Resources
  • 1 Million Career Opportunities
  • The Ultimate Transitioning Veteran's Search Tool
  • The Best Career Seeker Resources for Veterans
  • How Employers Can Hire Vets
  • Refer Vet Friendly Businesses
  • Maximizing Your Benefits - MUST SEE Information
  • Share This Site with Other Veterans
  • The EIG Military, Veteran and Family Member Portal
  • Additional "Must Use" LinkedIn Tips
  • Video: 12 Steps to Getting Your Dream Job

Outstanding Skills and Leadership

Military members are accustomed to doing big things, with big budgets, training and leading hundreds and even thousands of personnel, and controlling tremendous amounts of resources. We are well educated and have extensive leadership and specialty training along with many years of top quality experience. We work both hard and smart to excel at accomplishing any mission placed before us. However, it is common for employers to overlook highly qualified transitioning vets that can bring their organizations to new heights. We are on a mission to bring vets to the forefront in the civilian marketplace, and when we come together as a community we can make this happen. Please share this site with everyone you know.

Military Installation Transition Sites

It is important for you to maximize the use of resources that the military transition office that your nearest military installation has to offer. These fantastic offices not only help you prepare for a follow-on civilian career but also help you to learn about your benefits as a veteran. Use your transition office to help prepare your resume, to show you the best ways and sites to look for a civilian career, and also to connect you with military friendly businesses. 

Ensure to attend as many career fairs on your nearest military installation as possible before separating and even afterward if needed. If you know your transition date, start your follow-on career search at least 12 months before separation. If you are a military leader please allow your personnel ample time to take advantage of the transition services on your installation. Here are the transition web sites for our military forces.

Civilianizing Your Military Record

We see too often where transitioning military personnel have not gone the extra step in civilianizing their career description in LinkedIn. It is important to note that many times we don't even use the same terminology among the various branches for the same positions, ranks, duties, etc. So, imagine how difficult it is for civilian employers to decipher military jargon. The truth is that most will not bother with a "military" resume and/or LinkedIn profile. Of course you know that civilianizing your resume is a must, but LinkedIn is the next source where employers discover more about potential employees. Many times this is the initial source for recruiters and other hiring representatives. So make your first impression irresistible. Post Your Resume on 75 Top Job Sites - Career Search - Job Search

Your LinkedIn Profile

If you don't have a LinkedIn account - get one, and if you have one - perfect it. LinkedIn is essentially your living resume so work toward achieving "All-Star" Profile Strength status. In your "summary" describe up front the type of career position you desire to obtain. Then describe what you can do for a potential future employer due to your outstanding training, skills, education and experience. A great way to learn how to describe your military career in civilian terms is to use the LinkedIn "search" feature and enter a search term for the career in which you are interested. You will see many professionals listed in that line of work. Simply choose profiles where individuals have 20 or 30 years of successful accomplishments in your area of interest. You can get ideas from their profiles to transform your military positions, duties and achievements into civilian terms. 

1 Year FREE

LinkedIn Premium Account

LinkedIn generously supports our transitioning military personnel and veterans by providing a FREE 1 year Premium "Job Seeker" subscription. This is a tremendous value. Please use the social network and email sharing buttons on the upper right of our page above to share this important page with all military veterans that you know.

If you have any issues after requesting your premium subscription for vets email them at for assistance. We have more important LinkedIn tips and extensive career resources further below, but for now let's continue...

FREE Business Training for Veterans

Grant Cardone is a business building and sales expert and now his world famous Cardone University training is FREE for veterans. Moving to the civilian sector for employment quite often means your future employer will be a "for profit" business. Learn the secrets of the business world from a professional that many pay large sums of money for his training and mentorship. Watch this brief video and then secure your free account via the link below.

Financial Service Careers

Part-time to full-time "Virtual Financial Services Careers" are available for military veterans and military family members. Nationwide opportunities are available for...
  • Recruiters
  • Marketers
  • Salespeople
  • Managers
  • Financial Consultants
  • Agency Ownership Opportunities
  • More

Why financial services? Modern government approved products were designed to solve the problems where the older insurance and financial products failed. Click on the image below and check out the "MUST SEE" video on the follow-on site that will open in a new tab. If your goal is to help others when you transition from the military, then you will be excited to learn how a new nationwide workforce is needed to distribute these cutting edge products that will provide incredible benefits to every household. Click below to learn the details and then continue to read further below for more extremely important information to help you in your transition to civilian life. 

Click the image below to learn more.

Transitioning Military Veteran and Family Member Financial Services Careers -


Transitioning Career Resources

"Over 1 Million Jobs"

The Transitioning Military Search Tool

Use this special "Transitioning Military" search tool. Use your own search terms or feel free to copy and paste the terms in between quotation marks below [results will open in a new tab]:

Enter terms like: "Jobs for Veterans" or "Hire Veterans"
"State Job Listings for Military Veterans"
(Note: replace "State" with your specific state)
"City Job Listings for Military Veterans"
(Note: replace "City" with your specific city)
"Military Headhunters" to find transitioning vet recruiters
"Government Contractors that Hire Veterans"
"Companies that Hire Veterans"
"Security Clearance Jobs"
"Military Spouse Jobs"

Career Search Resources

Federal Jobs

Hire Heroes: Free Career Coaching

Hero to Hired

CareerOneStop for Vets
Career One Stop

Department of Labor

Amvets Vet Careers

Military Transition

Military Spouse Education/Employment

For Employers: Hire Veterans

How to Hire Veterans

Maximize Your Benefits

Military and veterans benefits are outstanding but you must learn the details of each to maximize the potential positive impact of each in your life. We created an incredibly valuable resource page to help you fully implement your current benefits, your benefits during transition and your benefits after transition to civilian life. You will want to thoroughly study this short but extremely important page, so click below and it will open in a new tab/window...

Military and Veteran Benefits Portal - Maximize Current Benefits - Benefits for Transitioning Military -

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We want to reach every area of our great nation and help as many people as possible. We can only do so with your help. Please use the social network and email buttons on the right to share this site with every service member, veteran and military family member that you know.

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Linked In Tips

Personalized LinkedIn Profile: Your LinkedIn profile is your permanent lifetime living resume. How do you want your web address to look? You need to create your personalized LinkedIn profile web address for free that looks like:"YourName" vs., etc.  Here's how to personalize it plus 4 other great tips that take less than 5 minutes each to implement [see tip #5 for URL personalizing]: 

Highlight Your "Civilian" Skills: You have the ability to list up to 50 skills that you possess. Move your military specific "Top Skills" to the bottom batch of all of your skills. Move your most important civilian equivalent skills to the top 10 where others can endorse you and to ensure potential civilian employers see your civilian skills and endorsements. Example: being endorsed for "Military" or "DOD" means little to many employers where specific career skills are everything. Simply click on the edit pencil near your skills and move your most important civilian equivalent skills to the top 10 positions accordingly.  Ensure to organize them so the top ten are listed in the order of precedence that you want to highlight.

Add Veteran Recruiting Sites

If you own or represent a company that actively hires or recruits military veterans and/or military family members, follow us on Twitter and tweet your company name, the services you provide and your military recruiting page to @EasyInsuranceGP. After a quick confirmation we may list your site on our Transitioning Military Twitter Feed below.

Transitioning Military Twitter Feed

Straight Forward Advice
12 Tips to Getting Your Dream Job

Ref: Grant Cardone

Disclaimer: the 3rd party sites provided herein are for educational and information purposes only. The Easy Insurance Group does not endorse, warrant or guarantee the products or services of any 3rd party site. You are advised to do your own due diligence before undertaking relationships with any business, recruiting or career search entity.