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Military and Veterans Benefits

Plus Important Benefits For Transition

Military and Veterans Benefits - Important Benefits For Transitioning Service Members -

Current military personnel and veterans have very extensive and valuable benefit packages. Below you will find key official government resources for you as a service member, veteran or military family member so you can learn to maximize the use of your benefits. But equally important, you will discover the latest government-approved insurance, retirement planning and financial strategies that render older plans unacceptably risky and practically obsolete in comparison. 

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Take the confusion out of the many important financial considerations that you must make during your career and when you transition from the military. Get professional assistance with your savings, investment, insurance and other financial considerations. Service members, veterans and family members can receive totally free financial consultation and free assistance with the implementation of a comprehensive financial strategy. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this free benefit by clicking HERE...

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Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI)

Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) is a great benefit for Active, Guard and Reserve service members. For eligible separating veterans with certain preexisting health conditions Veterans' Group Life Insurance (VGLI) may be the only available coverage because plans in the civilian insurance marketplace may be generally unavailable; however, even if you had a past health condition or you are unsure if your current health issues are a factor in purchasing life insurance please call our National Life Insurance Purchasing Helpline at 877-674-2873 and have one of our specialists shop among 100 of the top insurers to see if you are able to purchase civilian life insurance that may be far less expensive than VGLI.

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VGLI Alternatives

If you have called the Life Insurance Help above and found that you are unable to purchase a civilian life insurance plan due to pre-existing health conditions, you can find out more about VGLI via the link toward the bottom of this page. If you are separating without a preexisting health condition civilian life insurance quite often is less expensive for larger face amount coverage and for longer terms. Let's take a look at this and also the importance of covering spouses and even children with the proper amount and types of insurance.


Supplementing SGLI and Family Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) while in the service with civilian policies is often recommended to provide the proper coverage amounts for current family situations. For example single individuals obviously have different needs than families; and, as families grow insurance needs change. 

Family Insurance

The importance of covering spouses and children can't be overstated. Families are emotionally devastated upon the death of a family member, but with proper planning financial hardship can be avoided. Experts advise that the minimum coverage per child should be enough to cover all potential funeral and burial costs or a minimum of $10,000-$20,000. Always provide substantial insurance coverage for both spouses including stay-at-home parents. Purchasing 30 Year Level Term plans while we are young is an inexpensive way to cover our families during the important years of our careers and family raising.

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Again, call our National Life Insurance Purchasing Helpline at 877-674-2873 for free assistance with all of these life insurance issues. Ensure to ask the agent you speak with to include "Living Benefits" in your plan.

Why Living Benefits are Needed

Living Benefits are vitally important new benefits offered by the most innovative insurance companies. Unfortunately, most people that have life insurance policies are stuck with older plans that don't feature these modern "MUST-HAVE" benefits. Please share this with all of your family and friends and use the social network and email buttons on this page to send this information to them so they too can schedule a 100% FREE consultation. But for now, watch this short video to see why everyone needs Living Benefits...

TSP/401K/IRA Considerations

Experts now agree that the TSP/401K/IRA and other qualified plans may not be working as intended for most individuals. Next, you will be able to receive a FREE Financial Needs Analysis, FREE Plan selection assistance and FREE application assistance into plans that:

  • Mitigate common financial risks
  • Provide Living Benefits 
  • Help with estate planning 
  • Provide guaranteed no loss of principle investing programs
  • Much more

Watch this video to discover the many problems with the traditional TSP/401K/IRA plans and the cutting edge government approved solutions that our experts will help you to understand and implement.

Cutting Edge Retirement Planning

Ref: Ed Slott: "Retirement Rescue"

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After watching the videos above you can see the importance of having professional assistance. Schedule your free financial consultation now! Click below to start...

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TRICARE and Civilian Health Insurance

As a service member, TRICARE is one of your best benefits and "TRICARE Retiree" is likewise a top benefit for veterans that retire. For those that transition without retiring and are not eligible for TRICARE you will want a top quality plan from a leading health insurance company.

Free Health Insurance Quotes

If you are not eligible for TRICARE, Get free assistance with your Health Insurance options by calling...

The Nationwide Health Insurance Helpline

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Military, Veterans and Family Members

Everyday is military and veteran appreciation day at Easy Insurance Group. We are veteran-owned and our entire organization spread throughout the United States loves to serve those who serve and those that have served our great nation in uniform. We service the entire nation so please refer us to everyone you know. Simply use the social network and email buttons on the right to easily share this site with others. You will be helping a veteran-owned business and our experts will have the pride and satisfaction of providing superior customer service to everyone that you send our way. Now, in order to better assist our Active, Guard and Reserve service members, veterans and military family members we created a portal that is packed with important information and services. Please click on the image below to begin. Enjoy... Military, Veteran and Military Family Member Portal

Military Transition Programs

When it is time to move on to civilian life the Veterans Benefits classes offered during your transition assistance process offered on your military installation are very important. If you are married it is a great idea to have your spouse attend with you. Be prepared to take copious notes so you can implement what you learn for your specific life circumstances. As a matter of fact, all of  the services offered via your local transition assistance office are very important. You will have access to our very popular military transition portal below but for now, let's continue on with important information on your benefits.

Military Installation Transition Offices

Please take each service provided by the military transition office at your local servicing military installation very seriously and glean everything you can from each class offered. For your convenience, we provide links to official government military and VA benefit pages toward the bottom of this page.

The Military Transition Portal

Next, we provide a Military Transition Portal that has received many positive reviews because it is packed with important information and resources that you will want to review, utilize and share. This portal features 1 million career opportunities offered by the entities and resources therein. Click the following image to open the portal in a new tab and continue reading below.

Military Transition Portal - - Career, Resume and LinkedIn Preparation - 1 Million Jobs
Military Transition Portal - 1 Million Career Opportunities

Official Government Benefit Sites

Veterans Benefits - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Click Here for VGLI Information from the VA

This site is not an official government website. This site is owned and managed by a veteran-owned company, Easy Insurance Group, LLC. This specific page is designed to provide valuable benefit information to those who serve and those who have served our great nation in uniform. We love and support our current Active, Guard and Reserve service members, our veterans and military family members.