FREE Financial Needs Analysis

FREE Financial Needs Analysis!

Ref: Ed Slott: "Retirement Rescue"   

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Experts agree that without a plan most will experience tremendous financial difficulties in life. Importantly, financial products have radically changed over the past few years rendering older savings and investment options obsolete and unnecessarily risky in comparison. Don't you agree it is a terrible idea to gamble with your money in the unsafe and outdated "traditional" investment markets? Isn't the 20%, 30% or more loss of wealth during typical market downturns unacceptable for your financial goals? Also, after 40+ years of struggling with the extremely volatile investment markets don't you want to avoid heavy taxation of your retirement plan when you need your hard-earned money the most?

New Financial Solutions!

We make the exciting new financial solutions available to you below. New financial products help to mitigate the problems caused by the old savings/investment model; and, we provide FREE expert assistance to help you select and apply for your cutting edge plan right over the phone while you relax and take it easy.

  Tax FREE Principal-Protected Plan

We selected the top companies that have created the most innovative, government approved, financial security protection and wealth creation products that are designed to mitigate risks and provide the following unbeatable features:

Guaranteed Principal Protected and Tax Free Investment Solutions -


    FREE Financial Needs Analysis!

    You are invited to complete the form below and we will schedule an appointment you for a free consultation. You will receive a free 18-Page Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) free"Personal Shopper" service to find the best plan for your needs among the top companies, free application assistance by phone and much more. The information you provide below will be kept private and is only needed to properly serve you.

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    We also offer FREE quotes and nationwide assistance with all types of personal and business insurance. We invite you to checkout the tabs above and to the left to shop for the best values for your life, vehicle, business, pet, Medicare and all other types of insurance and risk management services from the convenience of our site. Doesn't it make sense to allow our highly trained professionals to do all of the work for you FREE of charge while you RELAX and take it EASY? Great! For your convenience we provide a few quick access buttons below to our very popular services. - We Make Buying All Types of Insurance Easy - Life, Health, Auto, Home, Renters, Pet, Business, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements More
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    Add a Low Cost Health Benefit Package
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    No matter what health insurance plan you have you're sure to love the whole household healthcare benefit package that everyone is excited about. Why? Because it provides so much for only $19.95 monthly, and this covers your entire immediate family that lives in your household. Now everyone can have access to Dental, Vision, Prescription, Doctors by Phone, Nurseline and other fantastic health benefits. If you are an employer or organization of any kind this plan makes a fantastic addition to your employee or group benefit package. Click below to get the complete details.

    Discount Whole Household Healthcare Benefits
    Discount Whole Household Healthcare Benefits

    "Rule #1: Never lose money. 
    Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1."
    Warren Buffett

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    FREE Annual Insurance Review! - Free Quotes and Assistance with All Types of Personal and Business Insurance in All 50 States

    Free Quotes and Assistance with All Types of Personal and Business Insurance in All 50 States
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    Help others discover our services that provide plans containing the following:

    • GUARANTEED NO loss of principal in your retirement plan
    • Tax FREE cash benefits for loved ones in case of death
    • Tax FREE cash benefits in case of terminal illness
    • Tax FREE cash benefits in case of chronic illness
    • Tax FREE cash benefits in case of critical illness
    • Tax FREE cash benefits for Long Term Care
    • Tax FREE withdrawals and loans
    • Tax FREE retirement income 
    • Systematic wealth creation
    • Fixed interest earnings
    • Index-based earnings
    • Wealth preservation
    • Debt elimination
    • Estate planning
    • Much more!!


    Get Benefit Relief Disclosures: As stated repeatedly this is not insurance and is not intended to meet the minimum standards required by the Affordable Care Act. This plan provides an innovative and very valuable non-insurance benefit package that is affordable for everyone. For the complete disclosures, terms and conditions of this plan click HERE and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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