How to Avoid Health Insurance Mistakes

How to Avoid Health Insurance Mistakes

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Top 6 Ways to Avoid Health Insurance Mistakes

Many people pay more than they need to for healthcare because they do not properly use the benefits of their Health, Dental, Vision, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and other insurance plans. While not an exhaustive listing, here are the common mistakes people make when receiving healthcare, and how you can ensure to use your insurance plans properly.

1. Not using "In-Network" providers and healthcare facilities. Health, Dental and Vision Insurance companies typically have networks where doctors, dentists and vision providers have agreed to the terms of the networks including the In-Network rates for the cost of healthcare. To avoid paying more for healthcare use all "In-Network" providers.

2. Not creating online customer accounts with your insurance carrier. Most carriers allow you to create online accounts where you can manage your plans. You can also typically use your account to discover the "In-Network" providers and healthcare facilities in your area. There are other many benefits you will obtain so go ahead and create your online account now if you have not done so already.

3. Not reading policies. Many people pay unnecessary medical costs because they don't use healthcare services according to the rules of their medical insurance plans. Read your policies upon receipt to get an understanding of what is covered and what is not covered in your plan.

4. Not having Insurance ID card at the point of purchase. Many people forget their insurance ID card when visiting a medical provider. Most insurance companies allow you to download a digital copy of your ID card from your on-line account right to your smartphone. Or, you can take a picture of the front and back of your insurance ID card on your smartphone. Either way you will always have your digital ID card with you as long as you have your smartphone. Along with keeping a printed copy of your ID card in your purse or wallet, this goes a long way to ensuring you have the information you need when receiving medical care.

5. Not using your insurance carrier's customer service center. Now that you will have your digital and hard copy insurance ID cards on you at all times you should call the toll free customer care numbers on your ID cards for clarification before or upon receiving covered medical care. Many policies even require you to call for pre-approval before receiving care. However, it is always a good practice to call your carrier to ensure you know how to use your plan properly, what is and what is not covered and to answer all other questions you may have.

Walk While You Work - Get the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk NOW! CLICK HERE! EasyInsuranceGroup.com6. Not using professional agents to help select and purchase health insurance plans. The Easy Insurance Group health insurance agents are trained professionals and all of the work our agents do for our clients is free of charge. From shopping among the top carriers for plans that fit your needs to applying for your health insurance plans right over the phone, everything is quick, easy and relaxing for you. Also, it is important to note that the government contractors that answer the phones at the government marketplace are NOT licensed professional agents. By law they are NOT allowed to help you with insurance plan questions nor can they help you shop for a plan. So, don't go it alone in the confusing insurance marketplace. Use our professional agents for all of your insurance needs.

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Again, many people find shopping for insurance to be confusing and frustrating so it is true that most people are under or uninsured in many important areas of their lives. This is not typically discovered until the uncovered risk occurs and large out of pocket expenditures are required. It is time for you to mitigate the common risks that we all face! START NOW!!

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