How to Maximize Your Health Insurance

How to Maximize Your Health Insurance

As we all know health insurance can be very expensive, so doesn't it make sense to get the most value out of your plan? Here are a few tips to maximize your health, dental and vision insurance plans:

1. Take advantage of All No Cost and Low Cost Benefits. Mark your calendars to ensure that you use all of your benefits included in your insurance premiums that cover the following: no cost physical exams in your Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance, no or low cost dental exams and cleanings in your dental insurance plan and no or low cost eye exams, glasses and contact lenses in your vision insurance plan.

2. Choose "In-Network" Providers and Facilities. When you first receive your insurance policies and Identification Cards work with your insurance companies to choose the following: a Primary Care Physician (PCP), specialists doctors and medical facilities that are in-network with your health insurance plan; an in-network Primary Dentist in your dental insurance plan; and an optometrists or vision care store that participates with your vision insurance plan. This is very important because you will typically pay much more and in many cases all of your bills incurred from health professionals and facilities that are out-of-network or do not participate with your insurance plan.

3. Read Your Insurance Policies: Read through your insurance policies to learn your benefits, restrictions and exclusions so you will know what is and what is not covered before pursuing medical care. This simply helps you to make informed decisions and can save you a tremendous amount of money.

4. Get Professional Help. Seek the guidance of independent insurance agents that can shop among top carriers according to your needs.

Please share this message with others via the sharing buttons to the right. We put together this brief list because we see how much these important insurance tips help our clients and we want the general population to enjoy the cost saving measures.

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