Chances Are You Will Not Die! The Risks of Accidents, Critical Illnesses and Chronic Illnesses are Very High

Chances Are You Will Not Die!

This provocative subject points to the fact that most of us will be exposed to many negative health issues to include accidents and critical illnesses but we will not die and actually recover. With modern medicine even military fatalities are down below double digits when our brave men and women are injured in battle. Extrapolate these outstanding medical advances to the civilian sector and it is clear that on average we will not die but rather we will recover when we become injured, incur a serous illness, are involved in automobile accidents or when we experience the many other health issues as we simply go about our daily lives. 

Surviving the Financial Consequences of Surviving

There are over 5 million automobile accidents annually in the USA alone causing an average of 3 million injuries and around 30,000 deaths. Nearly 50 million Americans visit medical providers for other non-automobile accidents and injuries, and a shocking 50% of adults will experience a chronic illness. We all know that dying without enough life insurance devastates loved ones that are left behind, but consider the far greater chance that catastrophic events typically result in expensive medical care and recovery that likewise places financial hardship on affected households. The good news is that there are new financial products that are designed to mitigate the common risks that we all face.

Free Professional Risk Management Assistance

Take a glance at the infographics below showing the high probability that we all face of contracting a serious illness or having an accident. Then scroll down to take advantage of our FREE Insurance Shopper Service that puts our professionals to work on your behalf to find the right plans to mitigate common risks.

Accidents and Critical Illness - Click for FREE Insurance Shopper Service -

Retirement Risks - Click for FREE Insurance Shopper Service -

Source: American Insurance Group (AIG)

Free Financial Needs Analysis

Experts agree that everyone needs a financial plan to mitigate the risks of inadequate funds for retirement and to protect families should critical illness or death of income-earners occur. Unfortunately, the majority of brokerages focus on the wealthy, thus leaving over 90% of the citizenry to fend for ourselves.

Now there is a new financial services company that offers a FREE Financial Needs Analysis and free financial product application assistance for every household. Ask the expert assigned to assist you to fully explain "Living Benefits" that are designed to mitigate the financial risks of chronic, critical and terminal illnesses. Also ask about retirement funding products that eliminate loss of principal risks. Click below to get started. Free Financial Needs Analysis

Free Insurance Shopper Service

Let our professionals shop among the top carriers to meet your needs and provide the best values for your current situation. Watch this brief video to learn how we make shopping for insurance easier than shopping for groceries.

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