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The Secret to Getting the Best Rx Prices

Most of our clients take pharmaceutical drugs, also known as Rx, on a regular basis and are in need of inexpensive drugs. And, most of the population of our nation take more than one drug regularly. Many times the prices can be hundreds of dollars for one prescription. Check out these 4 easy to follow tips on how to get the best deals on your Rx needs. See further below to learn how we are remunerated by the companies we recommend on our site and how this arrangement allows us to provide our services to you FREE of charge. Please note that these same 4 steps work for getting the best prices on pharmaceuticals for your pets.

Step 1

Generic Pharmaceuticals Are Key to Savings

Brand name and specialty pharmaceuticals can be excessively expensive; however, most of the time there are cheaper generic alternatives available to treat your condition. So, the first step in reducing your drug costs is to consult with your doctor to see if you can take the generic version of your Rx requirements. Some patients actually seek a second opinion on their medication prescriptions to ensure they are able to maintain good health at the best prices. If you are able to take generics, move to Step 2. If you must take a combination of brand, specialty and generics, then use Step 2 and Step 3. If you can only take brand and specialty pharmaceuticals then move to Step 3.

Step 2

The Best Generic Drug Shopping Strategy

Once your doctor confirms that you can take generic drugs it's time to go shopping. If you take more than one drug regularly you may need to go to several pharmacies and use several resources that we recommend to find the best deals on your prescriptions. The first thing to do is to see if any of your drugs are already on the "low cost" list at various pharmacies. Walmart and Target as well as other pharmacies compete for the generic market of drugs under $10 with many around the $4 range so take advantage of this resource first. Then go to our section below titled "Step 4 - Discount Rx Resources" to get exceptional discount Rx cards and smart phone apps to use at your local pharmacies to purchase drugs at exceptional discounts. 

Step 3

Beating the High Cost of Brand and Specialty Drugs

If your doctor determines that you can only take brand and specialty pharmaceuticals then work with our insurance professionals to secure you an insurance plan that helps to mitigate the costs of these drugs. Many of our clients have individual drug costs in excess of $500 or more. Simply let our agent know your Rx requirements up front so this will become a top priority when we shop for the right insurance plan for you amongst the top carriers. We frequently find plans that slash tremendously expensive monthly Rx to a low fraction of the cost due to insurance policy pharmaceutical co-pay benefits. To schedule an appointment for one of our insurance agents to provide totally FREE enrollment assistance - CLICK HERE.

Step 4

Discount Pharmaceutical Drug Resources

Once you have checked the discount pharmaceutical lists at your local pharmacies and discovered you need more help use these resources to get discount prices on your Rx needs. Simply click on the images below to print your FREE discount Rx Cards or use them on your smart phone by following the instructions below. Both resources allow you to research your prescriptions online so you know exactly where to go for the best prices. Then, show the pharmacist your printed card or on your smart phone when purchasing your drugs to receive the discounted prices. It really is that simple. So, click on the images below to get your free cards.

FREE Discount Pharmaceutical Rx Card #1

Click the image below and you can print your card on your printer. But, if you have a smart phone you can text or email your personal card directly to your phone so you have it with you at all times. Note: Don't forget to type in your name first in order to personalize your card before printing, texting or emailing it.

FREE Discount Rx Card - RxCut
FREE Discount Rx Card - RxCut

Search for Local Discount Rx Prices by Using the Red Tab
After Clicking HERE

FREE Discount Pharmaceutical Rx Card #2

FREE Discount Rx Smart Phone App: After downloading this free app it is IMPORTANT to use Group ID# "NDC3044" to "Activate" the card on your phone. You can download your free smart phone app for either Android or iPhone HERE

Or you can print your FREE Discount Rx "National Drug Card" by clicking on the image below.

FREE Discount Rx Card - National Drug Card (NDC)
FREE Discount Rx Card - National Drug Card (NDC)

 Search for Local Discount Rx Prices by Clicking HERE

Enjoy Your Rx Savings - Now Please Help

That's it! Now you have the information and tools to save money on all of your pharmaceutical needs. We have a sincere desire to help slash the high costs of drugs for millions of our fellow citizens so we ALL can live healthier lives without excessive drug costs. We can only achieve this goal with your assistance.  If you also have the desire to help others with their pharmaceutical costs, please share this site with everyone you know by using the "Share" buttons on the upper right of this page. There you will have the option to use all of your social network and email accounts to spread the good news about this valuable pharmaceutical guide. Together we can make a huge difference in healthcare for our great nation. Also, see our "Health Assurance" tab to the left for ideas on how to life a healthier lifestyle.

How Can Our Services Be Free to You?

You may be asking yourself how we can provide our exceptional customer service and and the extremely valuable content on our site FREE of charge to you. The companies that we recommend on our site and during our insurance consultation remunerate us for introducing our valued clients and site visitors to their fantastic products and services. There is no additional charge for you when you purchase their products and services from our site or during our personal consultations with you. As a matter of fact, like the many other offers on our site, the discount Rx cards and smartphone apps featured on this site are totally FREE for you and may be able to save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars over the next few years. 

Superior Business Model

This superior business model where businesses remunerate us for disseminating valuable information to consumers about their products and services allows us to provide our professional client services and the exceptional information on our site FREE of charge to you. It's that easy. So, feel free to check out all of the tabs at the top of this page and to the left for all of your insurance, business, financial and consumer needs. Again, please use the social network and email buttons on the upper right to share this site with everyone you know. While you are at it please use the area to the lower right to connect with us on our social network accounts. Thank you in advance.

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