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"I am so glad that I found you! My old insurance plans were outdated and ineffective, but my new professional financial protection portfolio that you developed has every major area of my life covered. I now have the utmost confidence that my retirement plan is rock solid and will provide tax free income when I decide to retire. Also I know my family will be fully taken care of even if I am stricken with a critical illness or pass away. What a sense of peace! It is hard to believe that all of your fantastic help was totally free for me. 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

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Because modern life insurance products have so many new features most existing policies and financial plans are outdated and risky in comparison. Our services are always 100% FREE for one of our licensed professional agents to help you design and apply for a modern insurance package with top carriers. Of course your application must go through the approval process. See further below to learn how we are remunerated for our recommendations and how that funding that allows us to provide our exceptional customer service and high-value content on our site FREE of charge to you. We use cutting edge technology to help you quickly and easily apply for an ultra-modern financial security portfolio that provides the following benefits:

  • GUARANTEED no loss of principal in your retirement plan
  • Tax FREE cash benefits for loved ones in case of death
  • Tax FREE cash benefits in case of terminal illness
  • Tax FREE cash benefits in case of chronic illness
  • Tax FREE cash benefits in case of critical illness
  • Tax FREE cash benefits for Long Term Care
  • Tax FREE withdrawals and loans
  • Tax FREE retirement income 
  • Systematic wealth creation
  • Fixed interest earnings
  • High interest earnings
  • Wealth preservation
  • Debt elimination
  • Estate planning
  • Much more!! 
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Our licensed experts are excited to help you achieve your financial goals with the most modern financial protection products available on the market today. We provide a "totally virtual" client service experience that is free from the need to travel to appointments or prepare for a licensed professional to come to your home.  We have the major carriers and service providers at our disposal in order to tailor the right plan for you. Doesn't it make sense to have your "personal" licensed professional do the product comparison, help you with selection and then do almost all of the work to help you apply for the right plan for your current needs while you relax and take it easy? That is our goal for you at


Complete the form below to schedule your FREE consultation and to receive your FREE Financial Needs Analysis (FNA). Again, ALL of our services are FREE for you.  Also, your privacy is our utmost concern. The information you provide will only be used to assist you with your insurance needs and will not be shared with third parties of any kind except for the respective plan providers that you choose as detailed in our privacy policy below. So, there is every reason to say "YES" to a fantastic new financial security plan and to start right now.

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How Can Our Services Be Free?
The Best Business Practice Remuneration Model 

You may be asking yourself how we can provide our professional client services and and the extremely valuable content on our site FREE of charge to you. As is the universal practice, the companies that we recommend on our site and during our insurance and financial security planning consultations remunerate us for assisting our valued clients to understand and apply for the respective company's exceptional products and services. We are independent so we can shop for the best plans among the top companies for your needs. There is no additional charge when you acquire their products and services from the convenience of the links our site or during our personal consultations with you; consequently, this superior "consumer-centered" arrangement allows us to provide our professional client services and the valuable information on our site FREE of charge to you. It's that EASY. - 300x250 - Action Alerts Plus

"I will stand up for what I believe and for what I have always believed: Every person has a right to be rich in this country and I want to help them get there."
Jim Cramer

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We have a fervent desire to provide best-in-class service to everyone that visits our site. Our valued clients express that there is an extreme lack of financial risk management instruction via traditional education institutions and they want more knowledge on this important subject. Our clients also express dissatisfaction with the services provided by many of the providers in the insurance and financial planning marketplace; on the other hand, our clients appreciate that we reverse this trend by providing the cutting edge insurance and financial security information and professional enrollment assistance that is so highly demanded in our society today. Connect with us on our social network accounts listed to the right so the valuable information that we share can be right at your fingertips.  

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Instant Term Life Insurance Application - No Medical Exam - Apply 100% Online
Instant Term Life Insurance Application - No Medical Exam - Apply 100% Online

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