Doctors by Phone

Doctors By Phone - NO Consultation Fees

24/7/365 Access to Board Certified Physicians

As insurance specialists, most of our insurance clients want greater access to board certified doctors without paying office visit charges or consultation fees for care and even prescriptions for non-emergency care. We have fantastic solutions that you will absolutely LOVE! This plan is not insurance, but is a PERFECT compliment to your current healthcare plan that may be able to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year on the most widely used healthcare benefits. Click below to have access to board certified physicians 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year. Plus, you'll love the other fantastic benefits that come with this package. Let's take a look.

Low Cost - Superior Healthcare Benefits

Doctors By Phone + Many Other Health Benefits

Also Available as Employee or Group Health Benefits

WOW! Check out these exciting health benefits for your entire family for only $12.95 monthly and a low one-time $4.95 setup fee. Employers can offer these low cost benefits to employees and Other organizations can offer this package to group members. 

Your new benefit package includes the following benefits for all immediate family members living in your household:

Now you can have unlimited 24/7/365 access to the following with NO consultation fees:

· Doctors by Phone - With Doctors By Phone, you can talk to a doctor by phone or online video consult to receive a diagnosis, treatment options and prescription if necessary.

· Nurseline - With Nurseline, you can talk to a nurse by phone. You also have access to online health information on over 1,200 topics.

PLUS: Receive Exciting Discounts On:

· Dental – Unlimited Use – 15%-50% - Cleanings, Exams, Basic and Advanced Dental Procedures, Plus Orthodontics and Periodontics

· Vision – Unlimited Use – 10%-60 Savings - Exams, Frames, Lenses, Contacts, Lasik and More

· Prescription – Unlimited Use – Fantastic Pharmaceutical/Drug/Rx Discounts - Just Show at Participating Pharmacies when Purchasing Your Rx

· Hearing Aids – Unlimited Use – 40%-60% Savings by Mail Order Plan

· Health Supplements – Unlimited Use – Save an Additional 10% Off Already Low Prices

PLUSMedical Bill Saver - Do you have high medical or dental bills over $400? Major medical issues can add up to major bills! Medical Bill Saver™ can help you to rest easy. Experts who know the ins and outs of billing practices will attempt to negotiate discounts on your behalf.

Again this entire health benefit package is only $12.95 for ALL of the members of your family living in your household with a low one-time $4.95 setup fee. 

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Whole Household Healthcare Benefit Package
Whole Household Healthcare Benefit Package

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