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College students need low cost high quality health insurance and we have the right plans for you. United Healthcare is the largest health insurer in the nation and has superior health insurance plans. Students attending schools in AZ, FL, GA, PA, TN and TX can obtain your FREE quotes by clicking on the "UnitedHealthOne" image below. Students attending colleges in all other states see further below and click on the "3 Easy Steps" image. You can shop and enroll in the plan you desire by clicking on the images below and following the easy steps; or, if you would like assistance you will have the option for one of our licensed professional agents to do all the work for you for FREE. Either way it takes only about 10 minutes to enroll in your plan. See further below to learn how the companies we recommend remunerate us and thus provides the opportunity for you to receive our exceptional customer service and outstanding content on this site FREE for you. 

United Healthcare

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College Health Insurance - Insurance for Transition to Career

All plans have a minimum of $1 million in lifetime benefits, give you access to the premier United Healthcare "Choice Plus" PPO network, feature outstanding "in-network" healthcare rates and are loaded with fantastic benefits. Watch the following brief video introduction to United Healthcare Short Term Insurance Plans:

How to Select the Right Health Insurance Plan

Select the "term" or length of time your plan will be effective, then select the lowest deductible possible, then include accident and critical illness coverages if available in your area to handle potential out-of-pocket expenses in case the unfortunate occurs and finally for a well-rounded healthcare package include a low cost dental insurance plan to maintain good oral health during your college career [available term lengths and supplemental insurance options vary by state]. Simply adjust the "deductible" amount which will change the monthly premium amount to meet your budget. Again, you will always have the option to receive FREE professional insurance agent support at any time.   

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Please bookmark this site now and make a note in your calendar to remember to come back here to continue your coverage about three (3) weeks prior to the end date of the "term" for your current plan so you will always have back-to-back coverage as allowed by your area/state. Then just follow the easy steps detailed herein to start your follow-on plan. 

Health Insurance After Graduation

Upon graduation you will probably need coverage until you transition to your next career and the associated benefit package begins. Many employers have a 90 day waiting period before you can partake in their health insurance plan. No problem, because you can continue to use these plans in most states until other coverage begins. Please take a moment to use the "sharing buttons" on the upper right to share this site with your friends, so they too can enjoy the outstanding benefits of these exceptional insurance values.

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College Health Insurance

Low Cost Healthcare Benefits only $12.95

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Low Cost Healthcare Benefits Only $12.95 Monthly
Low Cost Healthcare Benefits Only $12.95 Monthly

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You may be asking yourself how we can provide our exceptional customer service and and the extremely valuable content on our site FREE of charge to you. As is common practice, the companies that we recommend on our site and during our insurance consultation remunerate us for introducing our valued clients and site visitors to their fantastic products and services. There is no additional charge when you acquire their products and services from the convenience of our site or during our personal consultations with you; consequently, this superior "consumer-centered" arrangement allows us to provide our professional customer service and the valuable information on our site FREE of charge to you. It's that easy.

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We have a fervent desire to provide best-in-class service to everyone that visits our site. Our valued clients express that there is an extreme lack of financial instruction via traditional education institutions and they want more knowledge on this important subject, so we provide the cutting edge insurance, investment and financial security information that is so highly demanded in our society today. Connect with us on our social network accounts listed to the right so this valuable information can be right at your fingertips.  

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